3/18/20 Closure Update

Limited education and learning supports

We will provide supplemental education and learning supports, especially focused on Reading, Writing and Math. Depending on the technology in your home, access to the internet and other factors, these may be delivered online, through digital classrooms, virtual class meetings, deliverable supplemental education materials and check-ins with a teacher.

Student Meals

We have been providing ‘grab and go’ meals for children ages 0-18 from 9-10am at Cottage Grove High School (1375 S. RIver Rd., Cottage Grove), London School (73288 London Rd, Cottage Grove) and Dorena School (37141 Row River Rd, Dorena). Beginning March 23, school busses will be delivering ‘grab and go’ meals to 8-10 neighbor stops.  We will release the neighborhood locations in the next few days.  

These meals will continue to be provided on weekdays and are now available through Spring Break and the remainder of the closure.  Please keep in mind that to pick up meals for a child, they must be with you at the time of the pick up. Any child, 0-18 can pick up a meal, they do not need to be a South Lane student.  

Our Timeline

Please keep in mind that the situation in the state and around the country continues to change, with that, our plan may change with it. If any part of our plan changes, we will communicate it to you as soon as we can.

This week

District staff and administrators have been developing the educational materials and delivery methods to meet the limited education and learning supports.

Spring Break

The state will release information about the following during the week of March 23-27:

  • When staff can be together in buildings
  • What changes will be made to graduation requirements for seniors and underclassmen as well.
  • Other changes to high school requirements (credits, testing, essential skills, etc.)

Monday March 30-Tuesday March 31

All staff will return to work to prepare supplemental education and learning supports.

Wednesday, April 1-Monday April 6

Supplemental educational and learning supports will begin to be made available.  Supports will be rolled out as soon as they are ready and deliverable.

In the meantime, to make sure you’re getting the quickest information from us, please ensure:

If your family or someone you know is in need of assistance in finding resources or services (food, basic needs, utility assistance, mental health, shelter, internet and other resources), please use our continually growing list of resources: http://bit.ly/SLSDclosure

We continue to appreciate your patience, support, and willingness to serve our students in any way possible. We will continue to pass along information about the closure as soon as possible.