AKHS Hybrid Plan

At AKHS we know that our students benefit from a more individualized approach to learning and we want to be sure that our Hybrid model reflects the individual needs of our students.  After considering our options and getting feedback from you and your children, we have decided on the following plan.  Students will continue to attend their four online classes each day and will also have the option to come on-site and receive in-person instructional support.  This support will be offered Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri from 10:50-12:20.


During on-site time, students can;

  •     Receive instruction from teachers
  •     Do credit recovery
  •     Earn additional credit doing horticulture work in our garden
  •     Do independent study
  •     Socialize with their teachers and peers


For those students that cannot access these in-person learning opportunities, we will have a google classroom setup from 10:50-12:20 where they can engage in these opportunities virtually. 


Transportation to and from school is provided to students that attend this in-person instructional support.  They also receive a breakfast and lunch that they get to take home.


We believe in the value of in-person learning and we want all students to take advantage of this opportunity.  Please contact your case manager at AKHS to get transportation set up so your student can start attending in-person.