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The Kennedy Buzz

The Kennedy Buzz

Join us in the Kennedy Buzz for stories about our campaigns, academic and social projects, and general cognizance from around the world in high-quality podcasts, art and the written word.

What We Do

We understand that all of us are a part of one world. That is why Kennedy High School students share a strong commitment to helping foster and create viable communities through everyday actions. We are dedicated to preparing the next generation of young leaders with the tools needed to peel away the barriers that impede the pursuit of a just and sustainable future.

~Environmental Essays: student and community member essays and editorials.

~Interviews: who is doing what, where when, why, and how….

~Around the Bend: a focus on our extended community around the world.

Kennedy Podcasts

Tune into student podcasts for stories and opinions about all-things Kennedy and beyond.

The eARTh Initiative

In the global conversation about sustainability, the public has difficulty connecting the emotional part of the mind with the analytical part of the mind. The conjunction of art with math and science is important in deepening one’s understanding of sustainability, what it means, and how it can be achieved. The eARTh Initiative at Kennedy is dedicated to harnessing creativity and expression via artistic mediums to: 1) acquire new perspectives, 2) stimulate the senses and imagination; and 3) explore the social, political, and cultural influences of art around the world.

Environmental Issues

At Kennedy, curriculum is focused on five themes of sustainability:Architecture, Agriculture, Energy, Forestry, and Water. Although students are actively participating in community-based projects pertaining to these themes, we are constantly in tune with the larger, global implications of our impact on the planet.