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A Kennedy education focuses on preparing students to use the skills learned at school to tackle local, national, and global issues that focus primarily on economic vitality, social justice and environmental integrity.  For many, Kennedy has offered a life-changing experience.  Kennedy staff are motivated by the core belief that student’s lives change when their natural passion for learning is nurtured and allowed to develop into healthy habits of mind that both strengthen the intellect and engage the heart.  A Kennedy education asks a great deal from everyone- personal balance, greater engagement in the world of creativity and ideas, and a commitment to positive citizenship.

In partnership with local and state agencies, students and staff endeavor to engage in projects that integrate research and education and that benefit both the school and the community.  The Kennedy Community involves itself in activities that thematically revolve around five specific areas of sustainability:


It is with these five areas in mind that we begin to challenge ourselves and our community to engage in discussion that we hope will prove both useful and beneficial both educationally and socially.